‘BLACK CODE’ in Louisiana !!!!!!!!!!!!!

‘BLACK CODE’   From the Cincinnati Journal

I will give you a few sections from the laws of Louisiana, proposed by Mr. Waggamann, the present Senator in Congress, from Lousiana, and passed in 1830

Sec. 1  “ whomsoever shall write, print, publish, or distribute anything having a tendency to produce discontent among the free colored population of the state………………shall be sentenced to imprisonment, at hard labor for life, or suffer death, at the discretion of the court.

Sec. 2  “ or whosoever shall knowingly be instrumental in bringing into this state any paper, pamphlet, or book having such tendency as aforesaid…… shall suffer imprisonment at hard labor not less than 3 years nor more than 21 years, or death, at the discretion of the court.

I have neither time, nor disposition now to make comments.  I add one morsel more from the  ‘Black Code’ :in L

Sec.  9  Any slave who shall willfully strike his master, mistress, or his or her child, or children, so as to cause a contusion, or effusion or shedding of blood, shall be punished with death.

How think you the above sections will read along with Paul’s letter to the Colossians !!!!!

(Liberator, April 4, 1835, pg 3)