Almighty Nigger Among Churches

The Almighty Nigger Among the Churches.

The slavery agitation, before the late rebellion, had divided most of the Protestant churches into the Church North and the Church South, and the rebellion competed the division on the subject.  Slavery having gone down, except  in Kentucky and Delaware,  these divided Protestant churches are trying to come together again.  But it is an uphill business.  The General Protestant Episcopal Convention finds it difficult, according to the gospel of its Southern doctors, to rejoice over the downfall  of slavery;  the ultra Southern Methodists and Baptists still shrink from a love-feast with “abolition Yankees”., while the regular old blue-backed Presbyterians of Kentucky stick to slavery as the only way of salvation.   The almighty nigger, is still doing the work of Beelzebub among the Protestant Churches, North and South.  This comes from the mixing of politics and religion.  While the mixture continues the fermentation will go on, to the disgrace and disruption of all the churches concerned.  — New York Herald

(Liberator, Nov 11, 1865, pg 3)