A Church Excommunication

February 16, 1849

Martin Stowell writes to Garrison, from Warren, Jan 30, 1849.  He tells the story of his wife, who wrote a letter to her church, charging them with sustaining war, capital punishment, and slavery.  A committee of the church met with her, trying to rescue her from the road to hell.  Then she met with the church and delivered a strong “comeouterism” message; she “asked them if they were sorry for having sustained War, Slavery, and Capital Punishment …to all of which they unanimously declared they were not. She then rose, and, in a calm, distinct voice, said, ‘Then I do hereby declare my brothers and sisters of the Congregational Church in Warren and throughout the country, expelled from my communion.'”

The editor comments: “All honor to this faithful and fearless witness of God and humanity!  A slavery sustaining, war approving, gallows upholding church cannot be a Christian church.”

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