Abolition of Slavery in Tunis

“With the feelings of no ordinary satisfaction, we invite the attention of every reader to the intelligence in another column, of the triumph of justice over oppression  — of liberty over slavery in Tunis.  Ahmed Bey, the sovereign prince of that territory, has nobly yielded to a sense of duty, and abolished slavery in every part of his dominion!  This is noble.  And the he has done it well  — he has acted gracefully. He has adopted no intermediate plan — he has instituted no system of demi-slavery, called apprenticeship  — he has placed the slave in no mysterious position, with the view of preparing them for the blessings of freedom.  No — he has proclaimed liberty to every captive   — he has broken every chain  – he has raised to the dignity of manhood every abject slave in the territory over which he reigns ….”  (Liberator, April 17, 1856, pg 1)

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