Abolitionists create mobs !!!!

In the November 14,`1835 Liberator, with comments on the October 21 mob action against the Boston Female Anti Slavery Society meeting, Garrison and Thompson.  there is an article From the Boston Mercantile Journal, on THE BOSTON RIOT.  The article blames the abolitionists in general.   “The course which they have adopted, holding meetings  for the purpose of publicly discussing the merits of slavery, and the propriety of taking measures for abolishing  it forwith, at the same time denouncing the conduct of their fellow citizens of the South, is fraught with evil … it lays the foundation for an unnatural and bitter feelings of hostility, between the citizens of the slaveholding states, and the non-slaveholding states, which may produce the most serious consequences to the Republic … a meeting of the Abolitionists is but the signal for the assemblage of a mob .. it becomes the duty …. to prevent such meetings by a strong arm of the law. (!!!)”

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