Aid for Vigilance Committee, from Amesbury

Amesbury., 2d 7th mo., 1854   Samuel E.Sewall., Esq.:

Dear Friend  — The circular signed by thyself and others of the Boston Vigilance Committee, was read in our meeting-house at the close of the meeting, and the enclosed sum of seventeen dollars contributed.  The sum is not large, but our meeting is small, and some of us had previously  forwarded our mite for the same object.

We deeply commiserate the condition of our colored fellow-citizens exposed to the dangers of the Fugitive Slave Law.  The least we can do is to refuse any aId in execuiting the atrocious provisions of that Law, and to relieve, to the extent of our power, the suffering it produces.

In behalf of the Society of Friends in Amesbury !        J0HN G. WHITTIER

                                                      (Liberator,   July 14, 1854, pg 3