American Board of Commissioners

September 22, 1848

An article by Quincy strongly condemns this “representative Body of the Congregational Churches of America”, meeting during the past week.  That body “has not withdrawn its former endorsement of the Christian character of Slavery; but, on the contrary, it has renewed it.  Its action when stripped of the coat of many-colored words in which its spiritual Fathers have decked it, amounts simply to this, — that the Board does not regard the act of holding human beings as property, as essentially sinful, or sufficient cause, in itself, for exclusion from the Christian church. The abuses of the institution, to be sure, it regards with all proper horror, and would have discipline exercised towards them; but the relation of master to slave, is not only not necessarily sinful, it is often innocent, and may  be beneficent and virtuous.  What more do Slaver and Slaveholders ask?…”

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