An instance of trans-Atlantic Abolitionists

At a Boston Female Anti-Slavery Society, meeting, January 8th,  it was voted:  “Resolved, that the Boston Female Anti-Slavery Society takes this earliest opportunity to express to the abolitionists of Glasgow, Dublin, Edinburgh, London, Darlington, Tynemouth, Bristol, Fralee, Belfast, Limerick, Cork, Walthamston, Woburn, Wecham, and all the other beloved friends in Great Britain, who have aided the Eleventh Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society Anti-Slavery Fair.  The seep and grateful sense that we cherish in common with all antislavery Americans, of the tender sympathy, the important pecuniary help, and the efficient testimony which they have both now and always given to us in our advocacy of The Cause.”  (Liberator, January 17, 1845, pg 3)

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