Anti-Abolition & Pro-Abolition

February 24, 1843

Under Refuge of Oppression, there is an article from the Boston Pilot, titled, The Mania of Abolition.  Referring to recent abolitionist speeches made at Faneuil Hall, the article says that those speeches “should fix the burning blush of shame on the brow of every American.” At the meeting there had been a resolution decrying the failure of local Irish to respond enthusiastically to the O’Connell efforts to encourage participation in the abolition movement, specifically charging the Catholic newspapers, and the Pope to be pro-slavery.  Here the paper, the Pilot, defends the Church, and calls attention to the fact that the Pope has commanded that churchmen who own slaves must set them free.

The article is followed by an editorial from a recent number of the Dublin Register, which presents a pro-abolition view.  It is presented by the Editor of the Liberator  “to show the different spirit between an Irish newspaper in this slaveholding country, and one in the capital of Ireland..”

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