March 29, 1844

Under Refuge of Oppression, titled Folly of the Abolitionists, this item seems to be from the Yarmouth Register, and is by a correspondent from the Plymouth (Mass) Rock.   It refers to a recent anti-slavery convention and is critical of a speech by Foster.  “These modest gentry have but a few wants beyond other citizens; they only desire to bring the church and clergy into contempt – to destroy the constitution, that we may be a country like the South American States, tossed forever in a storm of anarchy and blood  — to take possession of our houses, and use them for their destructive purposes — to thrust their precious doctrines upon religious congregations when they please, and a few other trifles incidental to these. How strange that we cannot grant their wishes! ……Suppose the abolitionists could succeed in destroying the church, the clergy, the army, the navy, the judiciary, the Union, would slavery fall with them?  They should demonstrate that it would, before we make so costly a sacrifice…..”

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