Anti-Slavery Progress, Portugal

The best news lately received from Europe was that which we published yesterday, to the effect that King Louis of Portugal, when closing the Cortes, promised a strict law for the final abolition of negro slavery within his dominions.  This actually means in his Colonial possessions   —- in Cape de Verd Islands, Madeira and St. Thomas; in the Azores; in Senegal, Angola, Guinea, and Mozambique; in the East Indies; in the Indian Archipelago, and at Macao, in China.  The whole of this Colonial population exceeds three millions and a half.  We have no doubt that the recent abolition of slavery in this country has acted as a strong inducement to the performance, however, tardily, of this act of justice and humanity …. It is fitting, indeed, that the country by which Negro Slavery was commenced should finally abandon and surrender it…. (Liberator, August 25, 1865, pg 1)

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