Anti-Slavery Society in Haverhill

Haverhill Anti-Slavery Society    From Essex Gazette, of April 5

A meeting of citizens, held at the Vestry of the Congregational Church, on Thursday evening, the 3d inst. a committee ,  which had been appointed to draft a Constitution, reported. …..The Society proceeded to the choice of Officers:   Hon. Gilman Parker, President; Rev. Dudley Phelps, Rev. S. H.  Peckham, Vice Presidents; A. W. Thayer, Rec. Secretaty;  John G. Whittier, Cor. Secretary; George Appleton, Treasurer;  Counsellors  E. Hale, Jr., Nathan Caldwell, M. Day Kimball, Elisha Huchinson, Israel Carleton, Jr.

                                 (Liberator, April 12, 1834, pg 1)