Anti-Slavery Society in South Reading

South Reading,  April 5, 1834  At a meeting of the inhabitants o’ this town, friendly to the formation of an Anti-Slavery Society, held on Friday the 4t inst, the following Preamble and Constitution were adopted…. More than fifty persons, who were present at the meeting, immediately became members, and that it is confidently expected that a larger number in addition, will soon be obtained.

Officers elected:  Dea. Jacob Eaton, President;  Dea. Martin Stowell and Robert C. Wiley,  Vice Presidents;   A.G. Sweetser and P.H. Sweetser, Recording and Corresponding Secretaries; H. B. Pratt,  Treasurer;  and Paul Sweetser, Thomas Skinner, Thomas Woodward,  Professor Wm. Heath and Victor Eaton, Counsellors.   Signed  ELIA

                                         (Liberator,  April 19, 1834, pg 3)