Anti-Slavery Statement by Free-Will Baptist Ministers

(Liberator, July 9, 1847, pg 2)  From the Morning Star   Protest and Declaration of Sentiments of Free-Will Baptist Ministers, Upon the Subject of Slavery.   “Whereas, the system of American Slavery is not only a political curse to the States where it exists, and the Nation … but is also a direct violation of the Law of Repentance, and the obligations enforced by our Religion; setting aside necessarily  that great Fundamental Principle of Equality, which is necessary to the happiness of all human society  … We, the undersigned, Ministers of the Free-Will Baptist Connexion, consider it our duty to site definitely our view and position upon this subject, and to present before the world our solemn against the continuance of this fearful outrage upon humanity…”  — 4 long columns of over 43o names follow.

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