Appeal to Colored Brethren, re. ‘American Union’

Appeal from Garrison TO MY COLORED BRETHREN.  “You know that a Convention was held lately, by those who have been striving, for many a year, to get you all removed to Africa, and they have formed a new society out of old materials, which they call the ‘American Union’. It is a union, however, all on one side.  Well, what is its object?  …. The question was propounded by an influential gentleman of this city …the reply was ‘Our object is TO PUT DOWN GARRISON AND HIS FRIENDS’.  … Now, who are my friends, if you are not?  You are all my friends — the object, then, of the ‘American Union’ is to put you down, along with myself!  I suspected as much, long ago.  But shall we suffer ourselves to be put down?  No.  Stand by me now, as you have hitherto done, and we will soon scatter to the winds the lofty but fragile fabric of persecution, pride and cowardice…. Yours untiringly … William LLoyd Garrison (Liberator, Feb. 7, 1835)

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