Benjamin Lundy

BENJAMIN LUNDY  (From Greeley’s History of the Rebellion)

Benjamin Lundy deserves the high honor of ranking as the pioneer of direct and distinctive anti-slavery in America…….   In the year 1815, when twenty-six , he organized an anti-slavery association known as “Union Humane Society”, wherein the first meeting was held at his own house…… In January, 1821, he started a monthly entitled the Genius of Universal Emancipation…… which continued to be well supported, though receiving little encouragement from Baltimore…….. May 17, 1838, the mob burning of Pennsylvania Hall, built by Abolitionists, his papers, books, clothes, was totally destroyed…… August, 1839, he was attacked by a fever, of which he died on the 22d of that month, in the 51st year of age……..This closed the record of one of the most heroic, devoted, unselfish, courageous lives that ever lived on this continent.

(Liberator  1864, April 1, pg 1)