Border Ruffian Patriotism

August 1, 1856

Under the Refuge of Oppression, there is an article with the above title from the Atchison (Kansas) Squatter Sovereign. “More Abolitionists Turned Back.  The Steamer Sultan, having on board contraband articles, was recently stopped at Leavenworth City, and lightened of 44 rifles, and a large quantity of pistols and bowie-knives, taken from a crowd of cowardly Yankees, shipped out here by Massachusetts….They were shipped back from Weston on the same boat; without even being insured by the shippers….We do not approve fully of sending these criminals back to the East, to be re-shipped to Kansas …. We think they should meet a Traitor’s Death, and the world would not censure us if we, in self-protection, have to resort to such ultra measures. ..”   The article suggests that if they were to hang one or two boat loads of abolitionists, “it would do more toward establishing peace in Kansas than all the speeches that have been delivered in Congress during the present session.  Let the Experiment be tried”.

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