Boston Vigilance Committee formed

Pursuant to a public call, signed by several citizens of Boston, a meeting of those friendly to the formation of a Boston Vigilance Committee convened that the Marlboro Chapel, Hall No. 3, June 4, 1841.  The meeting was composed of a representation from the various classes of our citizens, white and colored, (the latter of whom were quite numerous), persons of various religious persuasions, members of each of the two anti-slavery organizations, and friends of the oppressed colored man not connected with an Anti-Slavery organization.  Called to order by Charles T. Torrey, one of the signers of the public call; whereupon Daniel Mann was elected chairman, and J.P. Bishop, Secretary.   Constitution, Article I .. the object of this Association shall be to secure to persons of color the enjoyment of their constitutional and legal rights.  To secure this object, it will employ every legal, peaceful and Christian method, and none other.  Chariman: Francis Jackson; Secretary, Charles Torrey; Treasurer, Joseph Southwick;  Executive Committee: Daniel Mann, Benjamin Weeden, Curtis C. Nichols, Thomas Jinnings, Jr; Willam C. Nell, J.P. Bishop, John Rogers, S. R. Alexander.

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