Brave women in Concord at arrest of Sanborn

The town of Concord turned out to prevent Franklin B. Sanborn from being carried away; he was released on a writ of Habeas Corpus.  US officers tried to arrest him and take him to Washington to answer for contempt, in refusing to obey a summons to appear before the Harpers Ferry Investigating Committee.  He was seized and treated in a dastardly manner … but the ruffians were prevented by bold women, including a sister of Sanborn’s, and Miss Ann Whiting.  Miss Sanborn compelled the officer to relinquish his hold of Sanborn.  Miss Whiting, approached the officer, raised his hat, and looking at him steadily, in the face, said, “Let me see what kind of a looking man you are.  You may come here again some day, and I shall want to know you!”  (Liberator, April 13, 1860, pg 3)

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