Burning in Effigy Susan B. Anthony, Samuel Mac

MORE  DISGRACE FOR OUR CITY headlines the article in the February 15, 1861 Liberator.   A Burlesque Procession — Burning in Effigy and other Outrageous Proceedings. Last evening a mob of about twenty rowdies and loafers assembled at the usual rendezvous, James McGurk’s Grocery, in the Courier Building, and obtaining a Band and several transparencies and effigies which had been previously prepared by the leaders, these miserable tools marched through several streets of our city, and finally halted on Hanover Square, where some disgusting exercises took place, a few brutal speeches were made, and the effigies burned in a bonfire made upon the Square … one intends to represent Miss Anthony, and the other Rev. Mr. May. … The transparencies included: The Rights of the South Must Be Protected!   Freedom of Speech, But Not of Treason! …”

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