Caleb Cushing and Gov. Andrew

Newburyport, April 24    Hon. Caleb Cushing, in a speech, at the raising of an American flag in this city this afternoon, announced that his fortune and services were at the disposal of his country, and that he was willing to give up his friends at the South, however near and dear to him, on the altar  of his country, and that the Government and Union must be sustained at all hazards.  Wherever Massachusetts was, there he was with her.

It is said that Caleb Cushing applied in person to Gov. Andrew for a commission, the other day, and the reply of the Governor was  —“What a commission to the owner of the vessel which first hoisted a secession flag in the harbor of Charleston?  It would freeze the heart and palsy the arms of the soldiers of Massachusetts to think of such a thing.”

             (Liberator, May 10, 1861, pg3)