Calhoun and Garrison

February 9, 1849

Placed under Refuge of Oppression, from the Boston Recorder, here is some flavor of the article, titled Calhoun and Garrison:  “Though influenced by somewhat different motives, Calhoun at the South, and Garrison at the North, are laboring side by side and making common cause in this great business.  Wonderful is the sympathy between these two men and their followers.  Both classes are domineering, denunciatory, and defamatory.  …And  both are eager to vapor and fume, whether anybody cares for their bluster or not.  …Garrison, if born in the South, would have been a cruel slave-driver; and Calhoun, if a native of the North, would have been as cruel upon slave-drivers. …Hence we are not surprised to see one of them manifesting his respect for the other. ….At the Annual Meeting of the ‘old organization’, Anti-Slavery Society, held last week in Faneuil Hall, a resolution was passed, highly commendatory of Hon. John C. Calhoun for his honest and consistent course in defending the institution of slavery.  Although this resolution, was, probably, not so much designed to compliment the Southerner, as to reflect a side glance on the inconsistency of Northern dough-faces, yet it is to be presumed that the commendations of Mr. Calhoun are quite sincere, and adapted to encourage him in his frantic course of disorganization..  The Garrison faction ought to admire Mr. Calhoun; for he is aiming at the same object with them, though with a thousand times more energy and likelihood of effecting their wishes.  He has forty Congressmen to do is bidding, and they not one……”

Note:  on the second page of the same edition , there is a brief comment from the editor.
It calls attention to the article in the Refuge Oppression column.  In regard to the article from the Recorder, the note says it is ” worthy of the ‘father of lies,’ on the score of mendacity and malice.”

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