Casualty in Garrison family, while in Northampton

Sad Casualty in the Editor’s Family

With much pain we learn by a letter from Mr. Garrison, that during the latter part of last week a serious misfortune befell his family.  When riding in a wagon in Northampton with a part of them, he drove the horse down to a watering place by the road-side, and after getting out of the wagon and hitching up the bridle, he attempted to turn the horse into the road again, in doing which the wagon made too short a curve, tipped and threw his wife, her mother, and one of this boys into the mud and water.  Mr. G. got them all up as soon as he could, when he found  his wife’s arm fractured, her mother’s hip dislocated, and his son badly bruised.  Assistance arriving, they were conveyed home, and at the last accounts, though suffering much pain, they were as comfortable, through the kind offices of friends, as circumstances would admit.

Liberator, August 25, 1843, pg 3)