January 24, 1851 Notice that the Mass. Senate has elected Charles Sumner to the U. S. Senate, with a term beginning on March 4th.  He received 23 votes, three more…

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May 2, 1851 “On Thursday of last week, Charles Sumner was elected U. S. Senator, having received 193 votes out of the 286  — the precise number necessary to a…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1851 Free Soil Part Sumner, Charles

June  18, 1852 In response to a letter from F.W. Bird, Walpole, while claiming to be Sumner’s “faithful friend”, here is a strong rebuke that while Sumner has been in…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1852 Fugitive Slave Laws Sumner, Charles

September 17, 1852 Included in the paper is a copy of half of Sumner’s speech, with which he proposed the repeal of the Fugitive Slave Law.   The article appreciates the…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1852 Fugitive Slave Laws Sumner, Charles

July 1, 1853 Here are remarks of Charles Sumner, urging that “in the organization of the volunteer military companies of the Commonwealth, there shall be no distinction of color or…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1853 Military - Colored Sumner, Charles

January 6, 1854 Smith’s speech in the House, December 20, 1853, is included in this edition. There is also a column of comment by the editor.  “It is greatly to…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1854 Smith, Gerrit Sumner, Charles

July 28, 1854 From the Pennsylvania Register, an article claims that the “Southern fanatics of the Senate”, are said to be plotting Sumner’s expulsion.   “A few weeks ago the proposition…

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May 30, 1856 Sumner’s speech, The Crime Against Kansas, is printed here, with numerous articles about the caning incident. Among the articles is one about a Faneuil Hall gathering at…

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1856 Brooks, Preston Sumner, Charles

June 6, 1856 This article, titled, Freedom Demands Separation, recounts a series of events in Kansas, and includes with the caning of Sumner, and includes a petition, which it urges…

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1856 Disunion Petition Drives Sumner, Charles

June 6, 1856 Two articles from the Charleston Mercury, describe public meetings held in Bamberg and in Bishopville, in response to the caning. Here is some of what they record.…

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1856 Brooks, Preston Sumner, Charles

1856 Brooks, Preston Sumner, Charles

June 27, 1856 A  brief account of a meeting held in Rev. Mr. Grimes’ church, Southac Street.   Coffin Pitts presides, and John Rock presents a resolution, which is passed, saying…

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1856 Grimes, Leonard Sumner, Charles

1856 Andover Theological Seminary Sumner, Charles

July 18, 1856 An article from the Southern newspaper comments on the caning as the “deserved chastisement of a foul-mouthed demagogue”, and includes reflections on the degree of “personal consideration…

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1856 Sumner, Charles

1856 Brooks, Preston Sumner, Charles

August 1, 1856 Writing from Washington, Brooks, tells of the vote to expel him, and here appeals to his constituents, for a return to Congress.  He includes two extracts from…

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1856 Brooks, Preston Sumner, Charles

January 16, 1857 Notice that Sumner has been re-elected as Senator, in the Senate by a unanimous vote, in the House, with twelve votes in opposition.  The article comments:  “Let…

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1857 Sumner, Charles

March 20, 1857 Sumner, on his way Europe, via the steamer Fulton, writes “to Boston”. It urges that people not be disheartened by events in Kansas.  “I trust, also, that…

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1857 Kansas Sumner, Charles

1857 Sumner, Charles

January 8, 1858 A Boston correspondent of the New York Post, indicates that he has heard from Sumner’s own lips that he has no intention of resigning his seat in…

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1858 Sumner, Charles

June 4, 1858 In a letter written while on board the steamer Vanderbilt, Sumner writes that his condition still requires caution.  He indicates that had he realized his wounds would…

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1858 Sumner, Charles

July 2, 1858 In the Refuge of Oppression column, an article from the N.Y. Sunday Atlas,  is a vitriol-filled criticism of Sumner.  Words like “charlatan”, “humbug”, “quackery”, are common as…

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1858 Sumner, Charles

November 25, 1859 A note indicates that Sumner has arrived at his home on Hancock Street. “He is in good health, and looking well, and was not injuriously affected by…

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1859 Sumner, Charles

June 15, 1860 A single, two-sided sheet EXTRA edition, with focus on the speech by Charles Sumner, “The Barbarism of Slavery”, addressing a Bill for the Admission of Kansas as…

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1860 Kansas Liberator Sumner, Charles

1860 Parker, Theodore Sumner, Charles

October 10, 1862 This is a report of a “great meeting”, held at Faneuil Hall, at which Charles Sumner  speaks eloquently.  Resolutions are passed, expressing satisfaction and support in light…

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1862 Emancipation Proclamation Sumner, Charles

1865 Sumner, Charles

September 22, 1865 The editor calls attention to an article from The Nation, and speeches by Charles Sumner and Gerrit Smith, which appear in this edition. Comments on Smith’s speech…

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1865 Smith, Gerrit Sumner, Charles

December 22, 1865 Here is an article, by Senator Charles Sumner, which is a call for a monument to be made in memory of Col. Shaw.

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1865 Sumner, Charles