June 27, 1851

A letter from Parker Pillsbury, from Concord, N.H., dated June 9, 1851, gives a negative account of a lecture by an agent of the Colonization Society, a lecture delivered in the Representatives Hall. “… there were only a few of the citizens present, and not half the members of the Legislature. The ladies numbered only five in all…not 200 persons were present…from the gallery where I sat, I could see many fast asleep, some of them stretched out at full length on the uncushioned seats.  The speaker seemed out of humor with his audience, and the audience generally paid him back with utter indifference. … in summing up, he said Colonization was l. The only way to suppress the slave trade.  2. It elevates Africa to a Republic. 3. Abolishes slavery, and, 4. It will save our Union.  Will not this rob Daniel Webster of the Presidency?  If Colonization saves the Union. Othello’s occupation will be gone indeed…..”

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