Colonization Society, Hand-Main of Slavery

The Old Hand-Maid of Slavery

The Colonization Society , — that basest of all wicked combinations, — is renewing its death-spasms for a final conflict with Humanity.  Though gasping for breath, and pierced with many a mortal wound, its malignity toward our colored countrymen, and the friends of equal rights, is untamed and irrepressible.  But, die it must, and be buried in a dishonored grave, executed by all that is honorable and humane in the world.  We have before us the first number of a new paper, called ‘The Colonizationist  and Literary Journal,’ printed in Augusta, Kentucky, and edited by an association of gentlemen.  The following extract from the exordium of its editors reveals the cloven foot of this hideous monster, and shows quite conclusively why the anti-slavery and colonization societies cannot coalesce.

                                        (Liberator, Nov 23, 1838, pg 3)