From a Colored Philadelphian, Feb 3, 1831

“I would ask some of our pretended white friends , and members of the American Colonization Society, why are they so interested in our behalf as to want us to go to
Africa?  They tell us that it is our home; that they desire to make a people of us, which we can never be here; that they want Africa civilized…….Will some of these guardian angels of the people of color tell me how it is that we, who were born in the same city or state with themselves,  can live any longer in Africa than they?…… we consider the United States our home and not Africa as they wish to make us believe……..”

From Paul Cuffee, Philadelphia

Words from Cuffee are addressed to The People of Color.  “Awake from your lethargy … for too long you have been worshipping at the shrine of ignorance … are you not men … formed like any other of the human species … moulded after the pure image of your Creator …”  Cuffee cautions his friends against thinking that “all that is needful for the betterment of your condition will be effected by your benevolent white friends … there is a great deal more to be done, and you can do it by putting your shoulders to the wheels.”

From James Barbadoes, a letter to Garrison, “Esteemed Friend”:

Barbadoes refers to a Garrison  address to colored citizens, on December 10, 1830.  He says, “nothing was ever uttered more important and beneficial to our color … full of virtue and consolation … perfect in explanation, and furnished a rule to live by and to die by.”


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