Colored Citizens of Boston

December 10, 1852

A letter from Wm. C. Nell, to “Esteemed Friend Garrison”, tells of a series of public meetings “under the auspices of colored citizens ranking with the Free Soil Party.”
Two resolutions are listed:  One of the resolutions notes that the Whig and so-called  Democratic parties “of this country are endeavoring to crush, debase and dehumanize us as a people; any man among us voting for their respective candidates, virtually recognizes the righteousness of their principles, and shall be held up to public reprobation as a traitor, a hissing and a by word, a pest and a nuisance, the off-scouring of the earth.”
A second resolution says that the “candidates of the Free Democracy need no eulogy…. Our hands, our hearts and our votes are theirs.”

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