Colored Female Society in Salem

Ladies’ Department, — The resuscitation of the Society, whose Constitution is given below, is a source of pleasure to us.  It was formed in 1818, and consisted of between forty and fifty members; but death and other causes reduced it very low.  During its active existence , it was evidently of great advantage to many,  if not all, of its members.   With our whole heart, we now bid it God-speed.  Its objects are highly commendable.

Constitution of  Colored Female  Religious and Moral Society of Salem.               ( Constitution follows)

President –Mrs. Clarissa C. Lawrence    Vice President – Mrs.  Eleanor Jones   Treasurer – Miss Betsey Blanchard   Secretary — Mrs. Sally Coleman    Visiting Committee  — Mrs. Mercy Morris, Mrs. Nancy Randolph

                                        (Liberator, Feb 16, 1833, pg 2)