The Courier endorses Webster’s abominable speech

The Boston Courier

Since the delivery of Mr.  Webster’s treacherous speech in the Senate, the tone and temper of the Courier, in relation to the Southern slave-breeders and their infamous slave system, have entirely changed; so that it is now exactly fitted to the meridian of South Carolina.  Its endorsement of Mr. Webster’s abominable sentiments is complete, to the letter; and its eulogies of his course are as fulsome as they are frequent.  All this is so manifestly venal – a matter of purchase  — as to deepen the infamy of all concerned.  As the Courier is now in the service, if not the pay of the South, let its patrons be found wholly on the other side of Mason and Dixon’s line; but let no friend of freedom at the North allow it to desecrate his dwelling.

(Liberator, May 3, 1850, pg3)