Cruelty to a Slave in Richmond

Cruelty to a Slave In Richmond.  It will be seen by the following that slavery is not dead yet, though some of the victims are almost:……..During the session of the Mayor’s Court on Saturday morning, a young German, giving his name as Charles F. Reese, called officer Kelly out of the court-room, and showing him a small, black negro girl, told him he wanted her taken custody for stealing his pocket-book. ……..She told him that she was almost deaf; that Reese had beaten her almost to death…….There was not a square inch of her body which was not bruised and gashed in the most horrible manner, and blood was trickling even from her head…..Reese said she had stolen his pocket-book, and he was determined to whip her until she confessed what she had done with it; that after whipping her to this extent, she had said gave it to a free negro, but the free Negro had never seen her before, and that she wanted Kelly to whip her again……Up to last evening, though repeatedly dosed with whiskey, she had laid in an almost insensible condition, and had eaten nothing.   Richmond Whip 7th.

                  (Liberator, 1864, April 1,  pg 3)