Daniel O’Connell praising women in England

In an article commending the work of the Boston Female Anti-Slavery Society, there is a quote from Daniel O’Connell, from a speech he gave in Exeter Hall, London, July 13, 1833.  “I have moments of exquisite delight … I remember that 1,500,000 of the people of this country have joined petitioning Parliament, for the total and immediate abolition of slavery…Every age, every station, every sex, has united in these petitions. THE WOMEN OF ENGLAND HAVE LED THE WAY, and under the banners of the maids and matrons of England, proud must that individual be who shall have an opportunity of telling them ‘At your command we have done our duty and SLAVERY IS AT AN END….”  (Liberator, November 7, 1835, pg 2)

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