Death of David Ruggles

Death of Dr. David Ruggles     In a letter from a friend, the painful intelligence is converyed to us of the death of Dr. Ruggles, at his well known Water Cure establishment at Northampton, which took place on Sunday last, after a short illness, the precise nature of which we have not ascertained….. Identified with the colored population of this country by complexion and destiny, he contended successfully with difficulties, he conquered obstacles, he performed exploits, he encountered perils and sufferings, in the spirit of a hero, and with the courage of a martyr. …. So exasperated were the slave hunters against him, that they spared no pains to get him out of the way by foul means, and many and remarkable were his escapes as they hunted for him as though he were an outlaw, or a wild beast to be destroyed. It became necessary for him frequently to change his place of residence, and sometimes to disquise himself …. He had a lion-like strength of resolution and purpose –an indomitable will, united with rare prudence and admirable forecast…. (Liberator, December 21, 1849, pg 2)

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