Death of Ellis Gray Loring, Esq.

   We have the painful duty to record the death of ELLIS GRAY LORING, Esq. of this city, one of the earliest and most honored friends of the Anti-Slavery cause, and for many years conspicuously identified with it – particularly as one of the Managers of the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society – His illness (pleurisy) was of very short duration, fatally terminating on Monday morning last.   Many of the most intimate friends knew nothing of it until the announcement of his death – an event which has caused a marked sensation in the community, and which will be profoundly be felt by a widely extended circle of friends and acquaintances.  The absence of his beloved wife and daughter, on a visit to Philadelphia, added to its poignancy, as they were not able to reach home until the mortal struggle had terminated, and the spirit taken its flight to ‘another and a better world’…….As among our earliest and most attached friends, and deeply indebted to him for his counsel, cooperation and generous assistance, at a time when we had but few to stand by us, we shall ever remember his kindness and appreciate his virtues with the deepest gratitude and the warmest admiration. He was fifty-years of age.

(Liberator, May 28, 1858, pg 2)