Dedication of Horace Mann statue

    In common with a goodly number of the most worthy citizens of Boston and vicinity, we were

present on the morning of the Fourth of July to witness the dedication of the statue of Horace Mann.

Appropriate and eloquent addresses were made by Dr. S. G. Howe, Gov. Andrew, John D.Philbrick,

 Superintendent of the Public Schools of the City of Boston, and President Hill, of Harvard College.

A fervent dedicatory prayer was offered by Rev. Mr. Waterston. ……The statue remained veiled

until the conclusion of the address of the Chairman of the Committee, Dr. S. G. Howe. Bond’s Band

furnished the instrumental and children from the public schools the vocal music. The audience

was assembled upon the portico of the State House, upon the steps leading thereto, and in the

enclosure in front. 

                                       (Liberator, July 7, 1865, pg2)