Destruction of Pennsylvania Hall and Freedom of Speech

Long articles here and responses to the Destruction of Pennsylvania Hall, Philadelphia.

From the Pennsylvania Freeman, an item titled, The Voice of the People,  says that “Almost every paper that now reaches us contains a burning rebuke for our mob-ruled and law-abandoned city……..Letters are pouring in, encouraging us at this crisis, and pledging co-operation and ample assistance.  Men not abolitionists, indignant at the outrage, call upon us in the name of Freedom and Justice, to go on.”  ….Then includes an extract from a letter written by “an influential member of the Democratic party at Washington, hitherto bitterly opposed to our measures, and if we mistake it not, a slaveholder.”  The letter includes the following:  “I have a great deal of fault  to find, in judgment, with your societies  —-but on the common ground of freedom of thought, speech, and person, and of philanthropy in a great moral cause…..” the writer goes on to offer support.

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