Douglass and his Press

July 23, 1847

A letter to Garrison, from Douglass, dated July 18.  Douglass comments on what he has read in recent weeks of the Liberator, and he regrets “… that the conclusion to which I have come , with respect to publishing, at present, an anti-slavery newspaper, has very unwisely and unnecessarily been made the occasion of attack upon yourself, and of most unkind, uncharitable and unjust imputations on the motives of leaders friends of the cause in Boston….This is absolutely grievous; and I feel it due to yourself and friends, and all concerned, to say at once, distinctly and publicly, that, in this matter, I have acted independently, and wholly on my own responsibility.”

This letter from Douglass is followed by a long response from Garrison, in which he raises many questions about both the necessity, practicality, and vision of such a paper as that proposed for Douglass.

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