Drayton trial

August 18, 1848

An article challenges the justice of the case, commends the defense offered by Horace Mann, is critical of the Judge, and expresses hope that there might be a new trial.  The article then comments on the larger meaning of the trial.  “For it is the people of the United Sates, and not Captain Drayton, that is on trial here.  Here their shameful wickedness and shameless effrontery are pilloried, as it were, in the eyes of the world.  For these things are not done in some corner of a Slave State, and by some lynching Slave judge, but in the Capital of the Nation, on National soil, by National Courts, and in National Prisons!  May they help to make the American name infamous throughout the world, until the disgrace is wiped away be repentant amendment! …”

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