Edmonia Lewis bust of Col. Shaw

Bust of Col. Shaw Among the thousand objects of interest at the Sailors’ Fair in Boston was a bust of the hero, Colonel Robert G. Shaw, by Miss Edmonia Lewis. “Miss Lewis”, says the Transcript, “is a young colored woman of African and Indian descent, who was educated at Oberlin College. She has been modeling for about a year in this city, and undertook to make this likeness of one whom she had never seen, out of grateful feeling, ”for what he has done for her race’.  Col Shaw’s family consider it an excellent likeness, and have had it photographed by Mr. Marshall, allowing the artist to sell copies for her own benefit. We are sure that many will be thankful to possess a touching and beautiful memorial of one of the ablest in our long list of brave and truthful souls who have gone thus early to their reward.”    

                                      (Liberator, December 9, 1864, pg 3)