Edmonia Lewis in Florence

Miss Edmonia Lewis at Forence. Our readers will be pleased to learn that, through the kind offices of Mr. M. Perry Kennard, of this city, (who attended to her finances, secured her a stateroom, gave her written directions for travelling on the Continent,(&c.,) this young lady reached Florence after a very agreeable passage across the Atlantic and through Paris. At Florence, Mr. Marsh, our minister, and his lady, showed her many attentions; our townsman, Mr. Thomas Ball, the sculptor, furnished her with several tools; Mr. Powers a moulding-block; and other friends were equally kind. In contrast with this generosity should be mentioned the conduct of a Boston lady there residing, who, when Edmonia sent in a letter of introduction given by her own sister in this city, returned it to her, and declined to receive her. – because she was “colored”.! – Boston Commonwealth.

(Liberator, November 3, 1865. pg. 3)