Emancipation – from the Newburyport Herald

June 13, 1862

The editor comments that these sentiments from “the paper which has heretofore occupied in form, as it still does in heart, the extremest ground of conservatism, is a most significant sign of the times.”   Content of the article is partly on the “change in public sentiment” it notes:  “The men who a year ago talked of compromise would scorn it to-day; and those who talked of the rights of States demand that the rebellion shall be swept away, if we are forced to subjugate the whole country and hold it by a standing army….everywhere there is increased hatred to the traitors

…let the war go till November, and upon our souls we believe a declaration of emancipation to all slaves in the country would be hailed by  the ringing of bells, the firing of guns, and bonfires on all the hills….”

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