Employment Wanted for colored women

Employment Wanted.   Places are wanted, either in town or country for the following colored women, lately slaves in Louisiana; being a portion of those recently emancipated by John G. Palfrey, Esq., Secretary of the Commonwealth; viz:

Betsey, 31 years old, having a son 5 years old       Maria, aged 23, having a daughter 3 years old      Margarey, aged 21 two infants

Rose, age 13 years       Frankey, (girl), aged 12 years

The last named have some knowledge of house-work.  They are still believed to be strong and healthy, of correct deportment, and more capable and intelligent than the average of persons of their class in Louisiana.  They are now in Boston, on expense; and wages are not so much a consideration as procuring for them, immediately, homes in respectable families, where they may learn to gain a subsistence for themselves and their children.  Persons disposed to receive one or more of them will please write by mail to Ellis Gray Loring, No. 27 State Street, Boston.   Editors of Anti-Slavery and other papers favorably disposed, are invited to copy this notice.     (Liberator, April 18, 1845, pg 3)

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