Fairbank sentenced, Delia Webster, pardoned, (related to rescue of Haydens)

The Case of Mr. Fairbank

A Frankfort,( Ky.) correspondent of the Louisville Journal gives the following sketch of the trial of Rev. Calvin Fairbank, convicted of enticing away slaves from their masters:

Lexington, Feb. 15, 1845

The second, with enticing, aiding, assisting &c., a slave named Harriet, the property of Pattern Bain.

The third  with aiding , &c. a boy Joe, the property of P. Bain

(Liberator, March 7, 1845,pg 2)

Miss Webster Pardoned  — Governor Owsley, of Kentucky, granted a full pardon, on the 24th ult., to Delia Webster, sentenced to four years imprisonment in the penitentiary, for assisting in the abduction of slaves.  She departed immediately for her home in Vermont, in company with her father.

(Liberator, March 7, 1845, pg3)