Fantasized dialogue Toussaint & Washington

The author of the “reverie” is not given, but the piece had evidently been previously rejected for inclusion in the  Christian Register, so now the editor includes it.  The introduction is from “G. X.”   (tiny excerpt here)

The “dialogue” begins with Toussaint’s mocking address to Washington, to which comes this reply:

“Washington  —-Spare me, Toussaint.  Spare me that reproachful look, that reproachful allusion to ill-deserved eulogies.  Alas!  That I must admit that the reproach is just.  First in the hearts of my countrymen:  Why did I not better use my influence over those hearts?  Why, when we had released ourselves from oppression, did we continue oppressors?  Toussaint!  That my example and acquiescence sanctioned this, is the bitterest recollection of my life on earth. “

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