Fear of Abolitionism in Kentucky

Under Refuge of Oppression, here is an item The Matter Understood, from the Louisville  Adv., quoting the Arkansas Gazette in response to “abolition avowals” of the Louisville Journal.   There is concern that a man named Prentice, Yankee editor of the Journal, is “out in favor of abolition, and if they do not lynch the scoundrel, as they once did for insulting a lady in Connecticut, he may do mischief.  It is thought that the Clay faction in Kentucky are secretly in favor of abolition in some shape. Prentice’s life of Clay was full of abolition, and at present the traitor is breaking out.  Lynching will cure him of that disease, and the sooner the remedy is administered the better..”   It says the Journal is losing all its patronage, and so it ought to be.

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