First Page Message, 1845

The first issue of the Liberator, 1845, in the upper right corner has these statements, each with the traditional Garrison “finger” pointing at it:

All men are born free and equal  — with certain unalienable rights — among which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Three million of the American people are in chains and slavery  – held as chattels personal, and bought and sold as marketable commodities.

Seventy thousands infants, the offspring of slave parents, kidnapped as soon as they are born, and permanently added to the slave                      populations of Christian (!) Republican (!!) Democractic (!!!) America every year.

Immediate, Unconditional Emancipation!

Slave-holders, Slave-traders, and Slave-drivers are to be placed on the same level of infamy, and in the same fiendish category, as kidnappers and menstealers  — a race of monsters, unparallaled in their assumption of power, and their despotic cruelty.

The existing Constitution of the United States is ‘a convenant with death, and an agreement with hell’.





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