Fugitive Slave Bill

June 16, 1854

Under the Refuge of Oppression column, from the N. Y. Journal of Commerce, there is a concern that there will be an attempt in Congress to amend the Nebraska bill to repeal the Fugitive Slave Law.   “…we venture to predict that the motion will be voted down by an overwhelming majority.  The obligation to surrender fugitive slaves does not rest upon the Compromise of 1850 or that of 1821, (the latter of which expressly provides for the surrender of fugitive slaves escaping into the territory now covered by the Nebraska-Kansas bill,) but upon the Constitution.

Under the Refuge of Oppression, from the Boston Daily Mail, with a title The Purchase of Burns:   “We confess, we could prefer no opinion, should our abolition neighbors resolve to purchase every slave south of the Mason and Dixon line.  But they would find it too expensive.  They have not the capital at their command. These wild, enthusiastic philanthropists have very little bottom.  They are notoriously lazy. They seldom produce anything themselves, except windy speeches and crazy haranques….”

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