Fugitive Slaves need employment

To The Friends of the Fugitive

Alarmed at the operation of the new Fugitive Slave Law, the Fugitives from slavery are pressing Northward.  Many have been obliged to flee precipitately, leaving behind them all the little they have acquired since they escaped from slavery.  They are coming to us in increasing numbers, and they look to us for aid.  Oppressed by the tyranny of a heartless and God-defying government, who will help them?   Their first and most earnest desire is for employment.  That is the greatest charity which finds it for them.  Help us then, all you who are friends of fugitives, to extend to them this charity, this simple justice.  Let all, who know, or can learn of places which may be filled by these men, women and youths, give information by letter or otherwise, to Robert F. Wallcut, or Samuel May, Jr.21 Cornhill, Boston.

                                                                             (Liberator, Oct 11, 1850, pg3)