Garrison assaulted at Woman’s Rights Convention


In the ‘Aliened American’ we have a report of the first two days of the Convention.  …We gather that the meeting was a great and triumphant one, and the deportment of the audience, with few exceptions, all that could be desired. For some remarks made in the Convention,(we have no particulars,)  Mr. Garrison was assaulted in the street  by a Mr. Nevins, brother of Rev. Mr. Nevins, of Cleveland,  but no harm appears to have been done.  We suppose that Mr. Garrison reached Adrian, Michigan., Saturday night.  The telegraphic reports from the Cleveland meeting  have been exceedingly confused and incorrect.  A great reform in the management of the magnetic telegraph is needed.    —-M.

                                                  Liberator, Oct, 14, 1853, pg 3)