Garrison Mission to England

Mission to England

At a meeting of the Executive Committee of the American Anti-Slavery Society, held in Boston on Thursday, June 11th, 1846, the following preamble and resolutions respecting the contemplated mission of Mr. Garrison to England, were unanimously adopted:

Whereas, a communication has been received from the Glasgow Emancipation Society, on behalf of Abolitionists in Scotland, earnestly inviting our honored friend , William Lloyd Garrison, to visit that country on an anti-slavery mission……..

Resolved, That it is, in our judgment, highly advisable and desirable that Mr. Garrison should accept the invitation; and that he be, and is hereby constituted the representative of the American Anti-Slavery Society, for the furtherance of the mission.

                                               (Liberator, June 19, 1846, pg 2)